ESPER (Estimating Ship PERformance)

Estimating Ship PERformance (ESPER) is a CFD package for ship hydrodynamics based on OpenFOAM®.

POW(Propeller Open Water), Resistance analysis and Self propulsion analysis, which are representative CFD problems about ship hydrodynamics, can be performed. ESPER use incompressible single-phase solver and two-phase VOF solver developed by NEXTfoam. We improved stability, accuracy and convergence.

ESPER supports utilities that can convert various types of grids, so users can perform computational numerical analysis of propellers and ships after simple setup process using existing volume mesh.

ESPER supports RANS turbulence models for POW calculations and MRF(Moving Reference Frame) sources for propeller rotation.

It supports double body and free surface simulation for resistance, and supports 6DoF library for ship trim and sinkage calculation. In addition, in order to increase the accuracy of the calculation, a function to remove the reflected wave generated from the far boundary is applied to the solver.

In self-propulsion simulation, it is possible to apply propulsion by propeller rotation in three ways. Numerical analysis is possible using the user's desired driving force application method such as body force, MRF, and sliding mesh.

Analysis Module‎
POW(Propeller Open Water Test)
  • 3d incompressible single phase flow
  • steady / transient
  • RANS turbulece model
  • MRF

  • Double body / Free surface flow simulation
  • 6DoF

Self Propulsion
  • Free surface flow simulation
  • 6DoF
  • Propulsion method: body force, MRF + Sliding‎

Solver Improvements
  • Rhie-Chow interpolation scheme‎
  • Non-orthogonal correction fix‎
  • Improved turbulence generation term linearization method‎
  • Reflection wave attenuation‎

Batch run
  • Calculating POW advance ration calculation‎
  • Calculation of resistance speed series‎

Charged Support‎
  • Training support, Technical support

No limit to number of users and number of cores for parallel computing‎
inquiry : Gwang-Ho Oh, Manager, [email protected], +82 70-8796-3019