Photogrammetry and 3D imaging

Image measurement technology is a technology that can measure the three-dimensional position of a target using an optical camera, and even a three-dimensional posture, and can be utilized in all areas where non-contacts measurement is to be performed.‎

‎In general, image measurement technology using optical cameras focuses only on relative position measurements and cannot interpret kinetic ingredients such as other status information (ex. posture, speed, angular velocity). however, by combining image measurement technology with state tracking filter technology, we enable six-degree kinetic analysis at the same time.

For 3d surveying techniques, stereo cameras, i.e. two or more cameras, are typically photographed simultaneously for three-dimensional surveying. ‎
However, we have 3d image measurement technology using monosyn camera (1 camera).‎

As the hardware infrastructure evolves, optical cameras have evolved to the level of fast-moving object surveys. However, if you need a measurement cycle of hundreds of Hz or more, we can support a more accurate and advanced approach to utilizing the advantages of each sensor through state-tracking filter-based fusion technology for heterogeneous sensors and optical cameras.‎

Our Offerings

  • Optical parameter measurement and calibration technology
  • Camera positioning and initial alignment
  • 2D marker/feature point extraction technology
  • ‎6 Degrees of freedom kinetic measurement technology
  • State tracking filtering technology
  • Hheterogeneous sensor fusion tracking technology‎

Activities Available

<3D measurement of the behavior of the moving article>

<Roter blade 3d measurement>

<Bridge-safe diagnosis and maintenance technology>