NEXTfoam is a technology specialized company based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).Founded in 2011, it is a technology research institute concept company that jointly conducts R&D as a partner of companies, national research institutes, universities, etc. in the field of thermal fluids using CFD.
We are developing CFD source code, selling CFD programs, consulting CFD problems, developing engineering software with integrated user interface, supplying HPC computerized equipment, and training.

NEXTfoam is committed to driving paradigm shifts by building new CFD environments through joint development of customized programs (DIY CFD), consulting on open source programs, developing meshless CFD program, automating simulation processe and community activities.


Development Program

1. OpenFOAM®-based open source program


2. OpenFOAM®-based sales program


3. Customized programs based on OpenFOAM®

4. Commercial CFD analysis package